You are Figgin Awesome


You are Figgin Awesome ????
A pun post from my new friend Tails. Some of you have asked about the hedgehogs that you’ve seen on this account. Some background story: I (Sophia) work as a photographer and Amelia Hedgehog started as a creative project when I moved to Vancouver, Canada to be a photographer. I didn’t know many people in the city back then so I got myself a hedgehog for Christmas in 2014. Amelia was like a business partner, diva, and supportive friend. Amelia passed away last winter and there have been many changes in life and on this account since then.
To me — hedgehogs have always been a special positive force in my life. They have always been there for me and in many ways, they remind me that I am not alone. I hope this account is a source of positive inspo for you and a reminder that you are not alone to pursue your goals and share positive vibes with the universe ????