Thank You!


Thank you ❤️ These are words that best describe my feelings in the last few days.
It really took the absence of Amelia to make me realize the community we have all over the world. The messages and comments have overwhelming.
I bought Amelia around this time three Christmases ago when I moved to Canada to pursue my art. Amelia Hedgehog came to life during a time where I felt quite alone, in a new environment without family or people that knew much about my work. This week, I discovered that I was the least thing from being alone, and the fact that there are so many people supporting our work means the world to me.
The departure of Amelia by no means calls for an end to our work. In time, there will more hedgehogs, animal friends and humans that join our studio. I am excited for that!
As for this account, there are many photos I saved for her photo + illustration book which I plan to release next spring. I am excited to start sharing the photos along with these illustrated hedgehog quotes I’ve been working on for some time. I hope you stick around, I’m sure Amelia does too. Much love. See you soon! #AmeliaHedgehog #RIPAmelia