Best Hedgehog Accessories

If you are one of those who have considered or are still considering whether to keep a hedgehog as a pet or any other wild animal for this matter, should be well-acquainted with their habits in the wild. This will make sure that you will have a happy, satisfied pet while the animal is under your care. Finding the best hedgehog accessories is one of the things that you need to keep in mind to achieve such a goal. Read to the end to find out more about this hedgehog necessity.


Why Do Pet Owners Consider a Hedgehog for a Pet?

It is only in recent years that many animal lovers have started bringing one or more of these unique creatures to their homes. Although many are still divided on the idea of keeping wild animals as a pet, still many have found that these small animals can easily be domesticated and can actually be good great companions once they are housed and are provided with their basic needs. These nocturnal animals display unique behavior that seems to capture the attention of their would-be owners.

The average life span of this unique species is from about four to six years, and they can weigh to up to about a pound. They are usually fed with a low-fat dry cat food for hedgehog supplemented with vegetables, mealworms, crickets, and other similar meat sources. They are usually kept in a large, flat-bottomed cage.

Even though this animal usually remains silent throughout the day (it sleeps during most of the day), it can be easily startled and display some of the most unique reactions.

This super-sensitive creature will readily show its emotions when it is frightened, angry, or otherwise with the unusual cover on its body. Its quill, which is usually flat when it is unmoved or calm, straightens up and makes him look like a ball of spikes.

Thank You!


Thank you ❤️ These are words that best describe my feelings in the last few days.
It really took the absence of Amelia to make me realize the community we have all over the world. The messages and comments have overwhelming.
I bought Amelia around this time three Christmases ago when I moved to Canada to pursue my art. Amelia Hedgehog came to life during a time where I felt quite alone, in a new environment without family or people that knew much about my work. This week, I discovered that I was the least thing from being alone, and the fact that there are so many people supporting our work means the world to me.
The departure of Amelia by no means calls for an end to our work. In time, there will more hedgehogs, animal friends and humans that join our studio. I am excited for that!
As for this account, there are many photos I saved for her photo + illustration book which I plan to release next spring. I am excited to start sharing the photos along with these illustrated hedgehog quotes I’ve been working on for some time. I hope you stick around, I’m sure Amelia does too. Much love. See you soon! #AmeliaHedgehog #RIPAmelia

Amelia Hedgehog


“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ☀️
A quote from my favourite author Roald Dahl and an update from me: Amelia’s photo book is going on @kickstarter! I’ve been working on it for a while and come to the conclusion that as much of a solo project as making, illustrating, and publishing a book may be — this is a project where I want to invite all of you here to take part in ????

Amelia’s series started as a personal project between me and her. It started as laughs in my small studio in Vancouver and I can see it being so much more. Hedgehog puns, creativity, words of encouragement, making art and making amigo’s. Fundraising may be scary as heck but I really believe that all these posts and quotes we created over the years can grow into something really big ????????
I’ll be sharing more progress and behind the scenes in the next few days. Beyond excited to share more about what has been going on and to put something I really stand behind out into the world. Stay tuned and keep up the good vibes ???? #ameliahedgehog

Amelia’s Hedgehog Book


March 8th! That’s the Kickstarter launch date of Amelia’s Hedgehog Book. The title shall be a mystery till then ????
One thing I am super thankful for in my twenties is making the decision to take risks, explore, and create as much art as possible. I’ve learned so much through making this book and tackled every challenge with as much spirit as a hegehographer can muster.
This is definitely a project where I’ve learned to embrace community, to celebrate imperfection (so hard!) and to trust my gut.
I’m beyond excited to share it with all of you. March 8th. Women’s Day. Stay tuned

Don’t Stop Be-leafing


Don’t Stop Be-leafing ????✨We are 79% funded today for Amelia’s book of positive puns. Blown away! Thank you for your support and for believing in art! We have 10 days left in the campaign. Please take a moment to make a pledge today or purchase a set of postcards. Everything counts in making this dream a reality. Thank you so much!

Vitamin Sea 


Vitamin Sea  ????????We are 96% funded on our Kickstarter today!
Last day to preorder hedgehog books or a set of postcards on our site. Carrying these on my online shop later so get them when they’re at a good price now. I’ll also be signing all copies of our Kickstarter hedgehog books. Thank you thank you all who have supported our work. You make a small business owner/artist so very happy

Amelia Hedgehog family


Hello friends, I’m excited to introduce a member to the Amelia Hedgehog family — Tails the hedgehog, who I adopted last weekend. Tails is an Algerian Pinto Grey hedgehog and just a little over two years old. She is friendly, curious and likes to make a weird snuffling sound, not unlike a hog. We are getting to know each other and it’s great having a hedgehog again. She also her hedgehog squat perfected.

I will be staying with the account name Amelia Hedgehog since Amelia was the OG hog artist. I look forward to sharing more about hedgehogs, photos with Tails, and am excited for the next season of Amelia Hedgehog ????Follow our stories on Instagram @ameliahedgehog

You are Figgin Awesome


You are Figgin Awesome ????
A pun post from my new friend Tails. Some of you have asked about the hedgehogs that you’ve seen on this account. Some background story: I (Sophia) work as a photographer and Amelia Hedgehog started as a creative project when I moved to Vancouver, Canada to be a photographer. I didn’t know many people in the city back then so I got myself a hedgehog for Christmas in 2014. Amelia was like a business partner, diva, and supportive friend. Amelia passed away last winter and there have been many changes in life and on this account since then.
To me — hedgehogs have always been a special positive force in my life. They have always been there for me and in many ways, they remind me that I am not alone. I hope this account is a source of positive inspo for you and a reminder that you are not alone to pursue your goals and share positive vibes with the universe ????

Ode To Women’s Day


Ode To Women’s Day ????
Girl hogs, you’re power you have a say
You’re beautiful with spikes and colour it don’t matter whatever they say
Be nice, work hard make magic everyday
Well behaved hogs rarely make history
Happy Women’s Day hey